Thursday, September 30, 2010


I have a friend. A friend that wants to play WoW. A Female friend. How epic is that? We both rolled new toons. She made a lock, I went priest. Good stuff. We are both currently level 10. I will likely buy classic WoW for her account. That way she can get to 60.
I really want 4.0 to launch though. Would make that leveling so much more fun. I would want to play hunter though! Oh well. When it launching she might be interested in leveling another toon as well.
I think Warlock is a good first class choice for her. It's a rather basic class to play. With a warrior I think she would of had a harder time.


  1. Wait... Female friend playing WoW? That is not possible by law of physics :D

  2. I know right!
    For me this is the 2nd female ive got to start playing it.

  3. Oh I think WoW is a great game!
    Cosplay is nice too.
    Mesty =)

  4. very interesting hope to see more soon :D

  5. I haven't played wow in a year or so but I've heard it's changed loads!

  6. So a female playing wow? How much does she weigh?