Tuesday, September 28, 2010

First toon

My first toon in WoW was a pally. I played pally in Diablo so really loved the class. I got this toon to level 10 before relising the class was pathetic. Back in classic WoW Pallys were only used for healers. No tanking, no DPS.
So I gave up on this toon and rolled a druid. But not before testing a few other classes.

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  1. Rogue for life here !! Was a necromancer and a barb in Diablo II but my friends told me to roll rogue in WoW because they could turn invisible and you could sneak in hostile cities and kill and rape everyone... We did, we were high PvP ranks before battlegrounds came out killing people in Menethil Harbor 24/7 with a healer druid! It was so much fun, omg, the nostalgia!